Operating from Salzburg/Austria, DOPPELGÄNGER stands for extraordinary ideas, for new approaches to the engineering of watches and for traditional handmade watchmaking.
The first model is the NGC-42: Double Orbital Indicators display the hours and the minutes on a non-linear scale. Controlled by a flying Tourbillon and a Random Impulse Controller, the Double Orbital Indicators move like celestial bodies and orbit a central dial unit in a three-dimensional ecliptic. The NGC-42 takes its name from New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars (NGC) which was started in the 1880ies, is largely based on Wilhelm Herschel's observations of the skies and is still the standard work today. It represents DOPPELGÄNGER'S idea of uniting past, present and future.


The NGC-42 with its unique orbital time indication is an extraordinary design. The engineering of its movement with a Tourbillon, a Random Impulse Controller and a micro-chain drive for the Double Orbital Indicators is truly exceptional. The manufacturing and the decoration of the components follow the rules and quality standards of the traditional Swiss haute horlogerie: The patented micro-chain drive was developed on the premise that it will last for generations. Even in the distant future, an expert watchmaker will be able to service an NGC-42 and repair it, should this ever be necessary. To achieve this, Doppelgänger follows the concept of a modular manufacture: The new concept of indicating the time was invented in Salzburg/Austria by Heinz Fladl. The innovative design of the movement and of the watch case comes from Gerold Rubenbauer, also based in Salzburg. The company DOPPELGÄNGER is managed by Stefan Kieninger. The manufacturing and assembly of the components are made in Switzerland.


Due to the high level of complexity of the NGC-42, each watch is manufactured individually on order. Each of our watches is therefore a statement of the highest exclusivity.
Thanks to this setup and taking this exclusivity even further, we are able to accommodate individualisations of your NGC-42 and design and manufacture unique bespoke creations that have never been done before.
In order to realize the wishes of our customers in the best possible way, you will discuss your ideas in a personal meeting with Gerold Rubenbauer, the creative designer of the NGC-42.
As soon as your wishes are defined, we will produce the drawings and renderings which we discuss and finalize with you.
After that, we will work out every single detail such as material, finishing, decoration, colours, engravings and straps. In this way, step by step, an incomparable unique piece is created according to your ideas and wishes.



The engineering of the NGC-42 is done by UhrTeil AG in Sirnach, in the Swiss canton Thurgau, where the NGC-42 is also manufactured. UhrTeil AG is the engineering office and workshop of Andreas Strehler, where, near Lake Constance, complicated watches are designed and components, complications and complete movements are manufactured. For this purpose, UhrTeil AG has a machine park with CNC milling machines, classic long lathes, wire erosion machines and laser machining centers, which enables the production of plates, levers, gear wheels, drives, ball bearings and other components. All components of the NGC-42 are finished by hand. For a single component such as a bridge, this can take several hours at the polishing wheel. Then master watchmaker Charles Breser assembles, adjusts and tests each NGC-42 individually. He has already built the prototypes and knows the complex inner workings of the NGC-42 like no one else. Each NGC-42 is therefore a genuine manufacture product.