I set my own goals. Achieving them is my challenge. In sport as in design.
The challenge in sport is to achieve my self-defined times, in a marathon as in a mountain run with 4000 - 5000 metres of altitude difference. The process of developing the design of the NGC-42 is comparable to a long-distance run. Doppelganger is more than just designing a watch. Implementing the new time display, ensuring perfect readability, designing an appealing case was my personal challenge. My goal was to make the movement with its particular layered structure and its different functions visible inside the case and though the design of the case. The Exosphere Case of the NGC-42 is not only the stable outer skeleton, the protective shell, it is at the same time an integral part of the overall concept of the NGC-42. Its symbiotic form, its massive flanks are what make the lightness of the opening possible in the first place, allowing deep insights into the movement whose aesthetic design reflects this.