Born 1971 in Ried im Innkreis/Austria Since 2018 Managing Director of DOPPELGÄNGER GMBH | Production and distribution of mechanical watches.
I was never one for conventions. My world is one of constant change, of all things new and different. I have always been fascinated by the constant movements of the celestial bodies in time and space. Time only becomes visible to us through movement. Representing this movement in such a way that it corresponds to the orbits in the universe, to the rising and setting of celestial bodies, has led to the invention of the Doppelgänger time display. It is unconventional, yet calm, open and aesthetic. What is time? Our time is defined by the movement of the earth around the sun and its rotation around itself. Thus, time is a position in three-dimensional space. As early as 2000, I had a vision of a three-dimensional time display in which the hands revolve like celestial bodies around a central dial. This vision of the revolving hands, which correspond to the mechanisms in the universe, occupied me for the next 18 years. 18 years in which my vision matured, and which finally led to the incorporation of Doppelgänger GmbH. My experience as a teacher of percussion, especially the work in my own rhythm school, gave me the understanding that something as complex as the development of a new time display requires above all perseverance and patience.